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Installation Instructions

  So you’ve invested in a Nantucket Sinks' product, but you aren’t quite sure how to install it.  Well, you’ve come to the second best place to solve that dilemma.  The best place is to go to your stone fabricator or local plumber.  Nantucket Sinks' products, whether purchased through a showroom or online, are sold as contractor packs and are intended to be professionally installed. Should you choose to go the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) route, we have provided some basic installation instructions, click on links below.

  **Nantucket Sinks' is not in any way liable for damage that occurs to the sink during installation.  Nor are we liable for any damage to your countertop, cabinet, plumbing or other surrounding fixtures, that occurs during installation.  We strongly suggest having a professional perform any sink installation, they are professionals for a reason.

Apron/Farmhouse Sink Installation

EZ Apron Sink Installation

Undermount Kitchen Sink Installation

Undermount Ceramic Sink Installation

Brightwork Sink Installation

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