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Maximize your sink's functionality! Do you have a single bowl kitchen sink but sometimes wish you had a second basin for keeping tasks separate? This rinse tray is ideal for doing just that! Designed to fit sinks with a 18 Inch interior measurement from the front to back of the sink, it will rest on the countertop that measures 18" front to back. This stainless steel rinse tray fits into our ZR-PS-3220-16 and ZR-PS-3620-16 sinks. The top edges measure 17 and 18 inches so that it can rest vertically or horizontally on the interior sink ledges. Now you can keep your produce away from your meat or your cutlery separated from your big pots and pans. How you use is up to you but it will be like an extra mini-sink!

RT1718 (RinsingTray)

  • Color

    Stainless Steel



    304 Stainless Steel




  • Dimensions

    17" x 18"



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